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Meet Your Host

About Your Host, Carolyn Lawrence

Carolyn’s gracious hospitality will ensure a pleasant stay, whether you are seeking a serene retreat or a fun-filled getaway in the magnificent Upper Hudson Valley.

A former New York City interior designer, Carolyn Lawrence blends her lifelong passion for design with her love of people, good conversation and nourishing food. With energy and enthusiasm, she offers the Hudson B&B as a resting point to a remarkably wide variety of visitors from literally all over the world.

Carolyn carefully handles every detail to ensure your comfort and satisfaction while staying at the Hudson B&B. Her experience and commitment to quality service assures guests that they will be well taken care of.

Fred the dog will most likely greet you with a welcome bark. Ethyl the cat may very well be lounging on the sidewalk in the sun and Fred the cat can usually be found warming herself under a lamp. Spike the cat is very shy so you probably won't see much of him.



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